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We are passionate producers. Our network consists of the finest and most charming ūüėČ people in the industry, dedicated to quality and the highest standards. We take care about everything on set, so you can focus on what is happening in front of it.

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Hype offers to produce your digital and social media content. The right content is the key to success for a brand. As part of your campaign production or as a stand alone project we produce digital content for any social media platform. We take care about your moving image, fashion stills or product shots for different framings and all different kind of needs. No brand should have a marketing strategy without social at its heart.

We connect you with the best artist for your project, matching your creative brief & budget. We are working between the advertising agency or the in-house art director of a company and all the actors of a production team. We search for photographers, art directors, illustrators, stylists, calculate costs, scout locations, clarify image rights, casting of models, influencers and actors. We create the perfect set-up and produce outstanding results for our clients.

We’re an experienced branding agency with several projects under our belt, and we promise more to come.

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Digital Marketing

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Social Media

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